Buffalo Creek Brewing Pint of Music – Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal delivers razor sharp, high energy entertainment. Songs spanning every decade from the present day to the birth of rock and every mood from introspective alt to giddy pop to brash in-your-face rawk. They will keep you moving and singing along. May be mildly addictive. Not street legal in some states. Caution: filling is hot. Avoid contact with eyes and skin and avoid inhaling fumes. Hey, it’s Nothing Personal!
Nothing Personal is an absolute musical and personal BLAST to play in. They enjoy each other, and what they do. They hope that every ounce of energy they put into our craft, will flow out, for you to enjoy and make your own. If you feel something, say something… bring all your friends. Be part of our energy. They’re here for us, they’re here for the music, and they’re here for you.